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Ellen Levine Dodd has been doing artwork all her life. She has had extensive education in painting, photography and fine art printing, studying with many well known painters, photographers, and digital printers. Her travels and studies have greatly influenced her art.

Ellen grew up in a small New England beach town near Boston, Massachusetts. She attended Clark University on an art scholarship, and studied painting at the Worcester Museum School, and photography at the Worcester Craft Center. During her junior year she took a sabbatical and traveled to Europe, Israel, and the Middle East, doing photography and studying cultural differences. When she returned from her travels she attended Massachusetts College of Art, studying photography and printmaking with instructors including, Jerry Uelsman, Minor White, and Robert Frank. After further travel adventures touring the United States, working on a series of landscape drawings, she finished her formal education at Sonoma State University, studying painting with Walter Kuhlman, and William Morehouse, paper-making with Chuck Hilger, and gallery management with Bob Nugent. Ellen graduated on the National Dean's List, with highest honors from Sonoma State University and a BA in Fine Art with a double major in Painting and Photography.

Ellen has worked as a studio assistant in the paper mill at Sonoma State University, creating paper pulp for many artists including Sam Francis, and assisting in teaching workshops in paper-making with artists including Inez Storer. In 1981, Ellen produced the Artisan's Guild Show at the Marin Civic Center, and started a consulting business working with many well know visual artists, musicians, and creative professionals. She developed and ran the Bradford Gallery in San Anselmo as gallery director. She has also worked in the digital imaging business specializing in Color Management and Large Format Printing.

Currently she works full time as an artist, photographer and digital fine art printer . Her work is boldly colored and richly textured, with multiple layers, scratched, sanded, carved into and drawn onto. Her vision is emotional, expressionistic, and positive; with brightly colored gestural brushwork, a strong sense of story and symbolism, and a passionate reference to the preservation of the landscape.

Ellen lives in Northern California in the waterfront community of Bel Marin Keyes. She has a warehouse studio space in the Bel Marin Keyes Commercial area, where she paints and prints fulltime.

Ellen Levine Dodd is a San Francisco Bay Area artist from Marin County. Her boldly colored expressionist paintings and fine art digital pigment prints reference the landscapes of California, Hawaii, and the Southwest. She paints and creates with mixed media of casein, acrylic, colored pencils, wood, and pigmented ink.
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