Color Play – Make Your Mark With Oil And Cold Wax


An exciting adventure in abstract color play using oil and cold wax with various mark making materials!


Weekend Workshop
Class meets on two days from 11:00 am to 4 pm
1020 Railroad Ave., Suite B, Novato, CA
Class dates:
Saturday and Sunday – June 6 & 7, 2020 (class dates may change depending on current situation)

  • explore the world of oil and cold wax, play with color, learn mark making, layering, opacity, transparency, texture, and composition

You will learn how to prepare your painting surfaces, mix and use a playful and personalized color palette with oil and cold wax, build up layers of paint, and create a vocabulary of textures and marks in your own unique ‘visual voice.’ You will be using oil and cold wax, as well as many types of oil mediums, with mark making materials that work specifically with oil.

Space is limited to 5 people.

Cost is $375 for the 2-day workshop. Some paint and markmaking materials will be available for use during the class. A tools and materials list of what you will need to bring for this class will be sent after registration.

Explore painting in a creative, inspirational and supportive environment with Ellen Levine Dodd.

Some materials provided / dress in clothes for painting (aprons available)