Photography Of Artwork – An Overview For Artists


  • Learn what it takes to professionally photograph your art! Understand the basics of sizing and formatting your photos for all your purposes. Create a cost-effective plan for setting up a space and proper lighting to get the color right on your photos.


One Day Overview
meets from 12:30am to 3:30pm
1020 Railroad Ave., Suite B, Novato, CA
Class date:
Saturday – April 18, 2020 – Postponed until further notice

  • Understand what it takes to photograph your art professionally.

The workshop covers the basics of camera capability and use, studio lighting and set-up, and processing image files, including color correction, sizing and formatting.  This is an introduction to understanding what tools are needed, from camera and lighting to computer and software to get good results in photography of  your paintings.

You will come away with a knowledge of all the digital terms and formats that galleries and art competitions require. You will have a chance to discuss the overall image making process before making that expensive investment in high end cameras, computers, and software, or selecting a photographer who meets your needs.

Cost is $65 per class